Artificial intelligence may make your life easier — and take your job


From the Sacramento Bee:

Ever smarter machines embedded with artificial intelligence may soon save your life. The machines may also steal your job.

The promises – and perils – of artificial intelligence drew a handful of lawmakers Wednesday to the first Senate hearing on the topic. Experts talked of drones that can zoom through forests, real-time language translation devices and digital assistants that halt physicians from making preventable errors.

Artificial intelligence is evolving at a disruptive and accelerated rate, they said.

“The economic impact of artificial intelligence will likely be in the multiples of trillions of dollars,” said Eric Horvitz, director of Microsoft Research,

Senators from both parties wanted to know how the United States could maintain its technological lead in machine learning and artificial intelligence and handle regulatory hurdles that could slow development. Several also fretted about machines replacing human workers.”

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