The U.S. States With The Most Student Debt


From Forbes:

These days, it’s difficult to obtain a university degree without getting enveloped in the dark cloud of student debt, a cloud that’s darkening rapidly. U.S. student loan debt is now reported to be growing by an estimated $2,726 every single second. Currently, over 43 million borrowers are holding $1.3 trillion in debt, according to the student loan news website’s “Student Loan Report”. 

In 2015, an average U.S. student graduated with $16,929 of student loan debt but where is the problem most pronounced? At state level, New Hampshire had the highest level of student debt per capita last year at $25,740. Pennsylvania came second with an average student graduating $24,172 in debt while a graduate in third-placed Connecticut experienced debt to the tune of $21,805. The problem is far less pronounced elsewhere, especially in places far away from the U.S. east coast. In Wyoming and Utah for example, per capita student debt last year stood at $10,434 and $7,527 respectively.”


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