Australian Wallaby Was Successfully Brought Back From The Verge Of Extinction


From Science World Report:

“Researchers successfully brought back the Australian wallaby from the verge of extinction.

It was known before that the black-flanked rock-wallaby to be extinct for decades. Thankfully, a group of rock climbers in Western Australia found a pair of the marsupials together with their young in 2015. After the news of the wallabies has been found, an immediate action was conducted by the conservationists to save the species, as per Business Standard.

The World Wildlife Foundation or the WWF provided the Australian scientists with a funding to breed the black-flanked rock-wallaby. They were able to breed 23 wallabies and released them back into WA’s Kalbarri National Park.

The nature conservation leader at the Department of Parks and Wildlife Anthony Desmond mentioned that the animals react to have grasped well into their new habitat with all but one surviving. “So to have 22 animals that we suspect are still alive — and we definitely know 10 of them are still alive — that’s a good outcome after this time period.”


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