Intel moves to deal itself into the Artificial Intelligence game


From The Australian Financial Review:

“Optimised processors and a re-invigorated ecosystem lie at the heart of Intel’s plan to lead in a computer industry increasingly driven by artificial intelligence applications.

Desperate to regain leadership in an sector where it is perceived to have been left behind by recent development, Intel’s management used its recent Artificial Intelligence Day in San Francisco to lay out a vision to be a key part of the AI sector, which has been dominated by software and cloud-based vendors including Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

Core to the company’s plans are neural computing and networks, said Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich.

“We’re evolving into a company that powers all the billions of smart and connected devices,” he told the audience. “Without some form of AI that data just becomes noise.”

The company plans to use a group of recent acquisitions to drive its hardware and software based AI initiatives to counter competitors such as Qualcomm and Nvidia, which have been more successful in capturing recently developing computing sectors such as gaming and mobile devices.”


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