The Trillion-Dollar Deforestation Time Bomb And How To Defuse It


From Ecosystem Marketplace:

“Two new reports show that global corporations are both victims and perpetrators of deforestation. One report shows they could lose nearly $1 trillion per year if current trends continue. The other shows that nearly 60% of the roughly 250 companies most responsible for deforestation have no viable strategy for fixing the problem.

You probably recognize many of the companies on the first of the two lists we’ll be examining today – like Colgate Palmolive, L’Oréal, and McDonald’s, which are household names. You might not know the others – like Marfrig Global Foods and Bunge – but they’re equally massive, and all 187 of the companies on the list depend on sustainable supplies of palm, soy, cattle, and timber & pulp – the “big four” forest risk commodities responsible most of the world’s deforestation. These four commodities account for 24% of the surveyed companies’ cumulative income, and their supplies could be disrupted if deforestation continues, according to a new report called “Revenue at risk: Why addressing deforestation is critical to business success”.

Produced by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) at the behest of 365 institutional investors, the report concludes that disruptions in supplies of forest risk commodities could cost $906 billion per year.”


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