How The New Silk Road Made Freight Trains ‘Sexy’ Again


From Forbes:

“Rail was something for old, fat people, and with the Silk Road it’s becoming sexy and trendy again,” Karl Gheysen succinctly summed up the revolution that the rail freight transport industry is currently going through in Europe and Asia.

Eurasia, as in the contiguous landmass that includes both Europe and Asia, is rapidly being interconnected into a massive market covering 70% of the population, 75% of energy resources, and 70% of GDP in the world, and enhanced rail transport corridors are the strings that are drawing it all together.

The trajectory of Karl Gheysen is the embodiment of this revolution. A career ocean shipping guy who ran logistics for DP World in seaports around the world took on a bold new project in 2014: to build a new port in a place that literally couldn’t be farther from an ocean. Located in proximity to the Eurasian Pole of Inaccessibility on the Kazakhstan/China border, Khorgos Gateway was constructed from scratch to become a massive port for trains rather than ships at the nascent crossroads of Eurasia.”


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