Plague: Dozens of cases in Madagascar


From Outbreak News Today:

“Plague, a disease many think of as something from the history books, is alive and well in many areas of the globe and is clearly no stranger to Madagascar. During the last decade, the island country reported more than 7,000 human plague cases, second most on the planet.

Reports coming out of the country say that an outbreak in the Befotaka Atsimo and the Midongy Atsimo district say that dozens of deaths have been reported in two months. “We have heard about people who died for little known causes in Ambalarano two months ago. The inhabitants of this commune who come to shop in Midongy Atsimo speak of it, but they believe that it is due to the sorcery “, it is reported in the new source, L’Express (computer translated).

The victims would have the same symptoms, namely lymph nodes, such as those of bubonic plague.

The website, Africa Review, offers more definitive numbers: Bubonic plague has killed at least 31 people in Madagascar’s southern district of Befotaka Atsimo.

Bush fires, blamed on persistent drought, have reportedly driven disease carrying rodents into villages, where they have transmitted the disease to humans.”


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