China Commits $36 Billion To Further Build The 110 Million Person Jing-Jin-Ji Megaregion


From Forbes:

A new $36 billion rail plan was recently approved by China’s National Development and Reform Commission which will further integrate the cities of Beijing and Tianjin and parts of Hebei province into a sprawling megaregion dubbed Jing-Jin-Ji. This colossal infrastructure building endeavor will include of a total of nine projects that will consist of 1,100 kilometers of new track being laid by 2020.

A megaregion is a development strategy which aims to strategically cluster cities that are in proximity to each other together by interlinking them infrastructurally, economically, and, to a certain extent, politically. The idea behind this is that further integration will allow entire regions of cities to function as singular urban organisms that can be better administered, planned, and economically developed.”

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