Conservative Group Keeps Up Fight to End Same-Day Registration Used by Many Black Voters


From The Daily Beast:

“The battle for the North Carolina governor’s mansion finally ended this week, but the war over who can and cannot vote in the Tar Heel state is just getting started thanks to a federal lawsuit challenging the state’s same-day voter registration law, a 2008 measure that allows eligible voters to register to vote and cast their votes on the same day in the state’s 17-day early voting period.

The group behind the lawsuit challenging same-day registration is the Civitas Institute, a 501 © (3) that calls itself “North Carolina’s Conservative voice.” Civitas has supported an array of the state’s highest profile conservative measures since it was founded in 2005, including its restrictive voter ID laws and HB-2, better known as “the bathroom bill.”

But it is same-day registration that Civitas identified in the days after 2016 elections as so problematic and potentially fraudulent that they filed an injunction to stop the vote count in North Carolina before Republican Gov. Pat McCrory finally conceded Monday. Civitas dropped the injunction, but they did not drop their lawsuit challenging the State Board of Elections’ process for verifying same-day registrants.”


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