EU met only 5% of target for relocating refugees from Greece and Italy


From The Guardian:

“European countries have relocated only one in 20 of the refugees they promised to shelter, amid continuing deep divisions over how the continent should help growing numbers fleeing war and persecution.

More than a year after the EU promised to disperse 160,000 refugees from overstretched Greece and Italy to other EU countries, only 8,162 people have been found a home, figures from the European commission show.

Although the EU has met only 5% of its goal, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the European commissioner in charge of migration, declared it was possible to hit the target by September 2017.

The Greek commissioner hailed a rise in resettlement numbers in November and predicted the trend would get better. “More and more member states have opened their doors,” he said. “I believe that very soon we will be in a position to say that the relocation scheme works.”

A total of 6,212 refugees have been relocated from Greece and 1,950 from Italy, the two countries at the frontline of Europe’s migration crisis.”

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