How Tracking Product Sources May Help Save World’s Forests


From Yale Environment 360:

“Trase – Transparency for Sustainable Economies – is the brainchild of the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the UK-based Global Canopy Programme (GCP). “Over the next five years, we aim to cover over 70 percent of the total production in major forest-risk commodities, for the first time laying bare the flows of globally traded commodities that are driving deforestation,” says Toby Gardner, a research fellow at SEI who is masterminding the project.

Through transparency, Gardner hopes for accountability. And if the deforesters are accountable, he hopes they will stop – or be forced to stop.

The threat posed to rainforests by the international trade in agricultural commodities now far exceeds any other. At least two-thirds of deforestation comes down to a few key commodities: palm oil, soy, timber, paper and pulp, beef, and leather, according to Forest 500, a program of the GCP that ranks corporations and others according to their progress towards deforestation-free supply chains. “We are all part of the deforestation economy,” Forest 500 says on its website.”


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