Brazil pledges ‘largest restoration commitment ever made’


From Mongabay:

“Brazil will restore 22 million hectares of land in what’s being called “the largest restoration commitment ever made by a single nation.”

“We are a country of forests,” said Rachel Biderman, director of the World Resources Institute (WRI) Brazil. “The national strategy for the restoration of forests and degraded areas positions Brazil as one of the global leaders in the development of a forest economy.”

Between now and 2030, Brazil plans to rehabilitate 12 million hectares of forest land that is degraded or deforested. The balance of the area will be restored and developed through the country’s Low-Carbon Agriculture Plan for crops, managed forests and pastures. Brazil made the plan public at the UN Conference on Biodiversity in Cancún, Mexico on December 3.

The announcement follows a recent escalation in deforestation of the country with the most rainforest on Earth. Despite substantial declines from peaks in the mid 1990s and in 2004, data from INPE, Brazil’s national space research institute, indicates that deforestation between mid 2015 and 2016 reached the highest levels seen since 2008.

The data indicate a 75 percent increase in deforestation levels between 2012 and 2016. Much of it occurred in the states of Mato Grosso, Pará, and Rondônia, important areas for beef and soy production.”


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