Niger Feels Ripple Effect of Boko Haram as Fears of Food Shortage Spread


From The New York Times:

“More than 70,000 people fled their homes along the border between Niger and Nigeria in the first half of this year after militant attacks increased. Many have resettled in Diffa, living in labyrinth-like neighborhoods of mud-brick homes, competing with longtime residents for food and water.

Children like Fatouma are so common that the town’s small hospital has dedicated an entire wing to treating malnutrition and the illnesses that stem from it.

“At home, we had everything to eat and drink,” said Hadja Mahamadou, Fatouma’s aunt, who accompanied her to the hospital. “Here, we’re waiting always for food.”

Even in normal times, northeast Nigeria and areas along the borders of Niger, Cameroon and Chad often suffer from a lack of food. It is home to some of the poorest people and highest birthrates on the planet, and their fate often lies with the quality of the year’s crop.”


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