Romania’s left return to power to dent populist momentum in Europe


From CNBC:

“Elections in the European Union‘s (EU) second poorest country produced a comprehensive victory for Romania‘s social democrat (PSD) party on Sunday yet the defining characteristics are apathy, disillusionment and political illegitimacy, a senior analyst told CNBC.

PSD, Romania’s prominent left party, claimed around 45 percent of the vote, with their nearest challengers, the Centre-right National Liberal Party (PNL), significantly behind on 20 percent of the vote.

“(Low voter turnout) means the defining characteristic of Romania’s democracy is apathy among the electorate, disillusionment, and the failure of any party to have democratic legitimacy,” Michael Taylor, a senior analyst for Eastern Europe at think tank Oxford Analytica, told CNBC by email on Monday.

Voter turnout of less than 40 percent, for the third consecutive general election, appears to have supported the PSD’s efforts to return to parliament. The party is now expected to form a majority government with long-time allies ALDE, who had achieved around 6 percent of the vote.”


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