Russian hackers ‘threaten Germany 2017 election’, MPs warn


From BBC News:

“German politicians have warned that hackers and others acting for the Russian state could undermine Germany’s general elections next year.

The German election is at risk from “outside manipulation”, said Wolfgang Bosbach, a senior MP in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party.

The warnings came amid a US furore over Russian hackers accused over leaks of sensitive US Democratic Party files.

Russia was blamed for a cyberattack on the German parliament last year.

An unnamed German security official said it was “highly likely” that secret files published by Wikileaks two weeks ago originated from that cyberattack.

The files – dating from early 2014 to January 2015 – came from the parliamentary lower house (Bundestag) committee investigating US National Security Agency (NSA) spying on German politicians.”


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