Washington joins new international alliance calling for protection of the ocean


“Gov. Jay Inslee joined other West Coast governors and leaders from around the world in a call for action to protect the ocean from further acidification damage. Washington state is now a founding member of the International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification, which was formally launched today in San Diego, California.

“The base of the ocean food web is being damaged by carbon pollution. The health of the ocean is at risk, as is the food security of the planet,” Inslee said. “We must act immediately to cut carbon emissions. Last year, 195 countries signed the historic Climate Agreement in Paris, committing to reduce their pollution. It is time for those who care about the ocean to call on the world to make good on the Paris accord to prevent further damage.”

Scientists have determined that the ocean is 30 percent more acidic now than it was in pre-industrial times as a result of carbon pollution. It has also absorbed more than 90 percent of the extra heat caused by this pollution. As a result, significant changes are occurring, resulting in damage to oysters and crabs, to coral reefs and to the food source of salmon.”

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