After the fall of Aleppo, the next front of the Syrian civil war is the border town of Idlib


From the International Business Times UK:

The Sunni-majority city, which counted around 165,000 people in 2010, was conquered by the anti-government rebels in March 2015. They then controlled “about 99% of Idlib province”, as reported by Al Jazeera, by early June 2015.

The fight against the rebels in Idlib present itself as a much tougher battle for the Assad regime and its allies. Raphaël Lefèvre, a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center, told IBTimes UK that Idlib is a much more united rebel front compared to Aleppo, which was split between the pro-government west and the rebel-held east.

“Idlib, both as a city and as a province, is to some degree more homogeneous both in its sectarian and political composition, being a hub for the mostly Sunni and Islamist-dominated rebel groups,” he said.

Due to its location, Idlib is also strategically-important hub for Turkey, another significant international player in the conflict, which opposes the Assad regime and backs Sunni rebels. As such, Lefèvre doubts that Turkey would avoid engaging directly. “Beyond local forces, the great powers present in Syria could definitely clash [in Idlib]”, he said.”


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