Aleppo Evacuation Effort Restarts, and Assad Calls It History in the Making


From The New York Times:

“Around 1,000 people were evacuated from the remaining rebel-held districts of the Syrian city of Aleppo on Thursday, part of a process that could become one of the greatest victories of the war for President Bashar al-Assad his allies and a major blow to his foes.

After new violence in Syria’s second-largest city stopped the evacuation on Wednesday and delayed it Thursday morning, long lines of government buses and ambulances crossed into the rebel-held enclave and returned with about 1,000 evacuees, according to Russia, which helped carry out the agreement, and the World Health Organization, which monitored it.

Mr. Assad hailed the evacuation in a video released by his office, comparing it to historical events like the birth of Christ, the revelation of the Quran, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the two world wars.”


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