Fears in Algeria over Potential Non-renewal of Maghreb-Europe Pipeline by Morocco


Fears are growing in Algeria over the possibility of the non-renewal by Morocco of the contract governing the Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline, which transports Algerian gas through Morocco and the Strait of Gibraltar to Spain and Europe.

Concerns were voiced in the Algerian press, speculating about a potential cessation of the contract, which expires in 2021 after Morocco’s Energy Minister, Aziz Rebah, showed little enthusiasm for the future of the Maghreb Europe Gas Pipeline.

“Morocco is developing two highly strategic projects, the Jorf Lasfar (LNG installation) and the Nigerian-Moroccan gas pipeline,” Rebbah recently said in a statement to L’Economiste daily, showing that Morocco is resolutely engaged in unburdening itself from Algerian gas.

Algeria, which has obstinately maintained its borders close since 1994 in a bid to undermine Morocco’s economic interest, is wary of the Kingdom’s plans to boost its energy independence and diversify suppliers.

The North Africa Post


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