Militants in Central African Republic target humanitarian staff


RED Cross, the international humanitarian group,has lost 19 volunteers and staff in the line of duty across the world.

The latest victim of militancy is a volunteer murdered in the town of Bangassou over the Central African Republic.

An unidentified armed group has killed Joachim Ali while on duty at the Red Cross compound.

“We are in a very sombre mood following the death of Joachim Ali. He was a young, brave man. He was committed and dedicated to his work,” said Antoine Mbao-Bogo, the President of the Central African Red Cross Society.

“We remind all parties that the role of the Red Cross is to help all people in need – regardless of faith or affiliation. We are in mourning, but our commitment is unwavering.”

The security situation in the Central African Republic has steadily deteriorated in recent months. Fighting in Bangassou, as well as in the towns of Bria and Alindao has displaced more than 100,000 people in the past weeks.

There are now more than 500 000 people displaced across CAR, along with an estimated 450 000 who have been forced to flee to neighbouring countries.



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